The best Hoover carpet cleaner

Hoover carpet cleaners do the job that regular vacuuming cannot. Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, dirt and grime are always left behind. The only way to effectively get them out of your carpet is by using a powerful carpet cleaner. Hoover carpet cleaners inject water and detergent into the carpet, then use powerful suction to pull the solution and the accompanying dirt out of the carpet all at once. It’s the best way to get your carpet clean when regular vacuuming just won’t do.

If you’re ready to get yourself a new Hoover carpet cleaner, read on. Our buying guide includes expert advice and reviews of a few of our favorites. Our top pick is the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner, which includes a quick-dry feature that has your carpets ready in only 45 minutes.

Hoover carpet cleaners can be purchased in two sizes. First, there are full-size Hoover carpet cleaners, which are similar to a regular upright vacuum cleaner. They’re great for cleaning entire rooms in one session and most useful for big families who track in lots of daily dirt.

Spot cleaners, on the other hand, are generally half the size of a full-size cleaner and easier to maneuver. They’re best for cleaning curtains, upholstery, and small stains on carpets and rugs. Spot cleaners don’t usually have the same force as full-size models, so they may struggle a little more to pick up ground-in stains.

Trigger vs. automatic

Some Hoover carpet cleaners come with trigger operation, while others are automatic. Trigger-operated models require that you pull a small trigger to engage the cleaning solution spray. Automatic models offer a continuous spray into the carpet, making them best for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand and digit challenges.


The weight of your Hoover carpet cleaner is important, because it may impact how easily you’re able to use it. Most Hoover carpet cleaners weigh between nine and 27 pounds. Those on the lighter end of the spectrum are usually spot cleaners, while heavier cleaners are most often full-size models. The sweet spot for full-size Hoover carpet cleaners is between 13 and 19 pounds, as these units offer the best balance between power and maneuverability.

Tank size

Tanks on Hoover carpet cleaners are usually between 50 ounces and 1.25 gallons. Obviously, larger carpet cleaners have larger tanks, and thereby need to be refilled less often.

Cord and hose length

Hoover carpet cleaners have varying lengths of cords and hoses. If you want the most convenient option, opt for a model that has a cord at least 15 feet long. You might also want to look for a cleaner with a hose of at least five feet to get into hard-to-reach areas.


Powered brushes

Rolling brushes on a Hoover carpet cleaner are more adept at cleaning rugs and carpets because they can scrub out the dirt particles before sucking them up. Most Hoover full-size models include powered brushes.


Some Hoover carpet cleaners include a steam feature. Steam is good for lifting difficult dirt and grime stains that might not otherwise come out. For basic cleaning, steam is probably not necessary, but it’s a nice added feature for the toughest stains.

Quick dry

Quick or auto dry is a convenient option to have on your Hoover carpet cleaner. Models with quick dry pull more water out of the fibers after rinsing them. This allows your carpet to dry in as little as 45 minutes.

Separate cleaning solution dispenser

Separate solution dispensers on Hoover carpet cleaners allow the perfect amount of detergent to be released with the water. This insures that the carpet doesn’t become completely saturated with soap suds. The dispenser turns off automatically during the rinse cycle, allowing you to rinse the carpet without emptying the entire machine.

Tools and attachments

Hoover carpet cleaners often include a number of different attachments and tools. Some of these include antimicrobial pet and multipurpose tools, scrub hand tools, crevice tools, stair tools, and upholstery tools.


Most Hoover carpet cleaners cost between $90 and $200. Hoover carpet cleaners for $90 are compact models designed to clean small areas rather than large rooms. If you spend $150, you can get a trigger-operated cleaner that holds up to a gallon of cleaning solution. For $200, you can expect to purchase a Hoover carpet cleaner that holds more than a gallon and includes automatic operation, which makes cleaning your carpets a far easier task.


Q. Do Hoover carpet cleaners include a warranty?

A. Yes they do. They usually range between one and five years. The warranty covers issues related to manufacturing defects rather than normal wear and tear.

Q. Can I use my Hoover carpet cleaner on a hard surface?

A. That depends on your Hoover model, as well as the flooring type. While the majority of Hoover carpet cleaners are only meant to be used on carpeting or other textiles, a few can be used on hard flooring such as tile or linoleum. Check the product’s specifications to be sure.

Hoover carpet cleaners we recommend

Best of the best: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Our take: Cleans well and dries quickly — a perfect combination.

What we like: Jam-packed with special features like SpinScrub brushes, two-in-one antimicrobial pet tool, and rinse mode.

What we dislike: Some users expected it to include more attachments.

Best bang for your buck: Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Our take: Great portable spot cleaner for stain removal on the go.

What we like: Weights a manageable nine pounds. Self-cleaning hose makes for convenient cleanup after use.

What we dislike: Works best on spot cleaning. Not meant for large rooms.

Choice 3: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Our take: So many attachments, you’re able to handle almost any job.

What we like: Automatic detergent mixing, lightweight build, and SpinScrub hand tool.

What we dislike: Some complained that it used a lot of detergent.

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