Best Hoover Vacuums of 2021

How often do you vacuum? Daily? Weekly? Whether it’s your favorite task or not, vacuuming is an essential part of cleaning.

Having a good vac can make all the difference when it comes to removing fine dust and dirt. An effective vacuum cleaner can even speed up the cleaning process.

Hoover is one of the most popular brands in North America, and its vacuums are durable, reliable and versatile.

Today, the name Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners — literally. And we’re to examine why.

The History of Hoover

Hoover was founded in 1907 by Murray Spangler, an inventor who also worked as a janitor. He was searching for a solution to his asthma and finally tried his luck with a tin soapbox, a fan, a broom handle and a pillowcase.

His invention looked rather odd and cumbersome, but it worked. The “suction sweeper” would pull dust and dirt away from the air he breathed, reducing his asthma.

In 1908, he sold his concept to W.H “Boss” Hoover, who owned a leather products manufacturing shop. Hoover kept Spangler as a partner and soon they had six employees manufacturing six “suction sweepers” a day.

Hoover started out offering a 10-day trial for anyone interested in the new invention. He chose some of the biggest retailers at the time and allowed them to sell the sweepers.

Instead of requesting all of the profit, Hoover let the stores keep any commission if they became a Hoover vacuum dealer. This proved to be a successful tactic and the best way to develop relationships with retailers.

While “Boss” Hoover was busy trying to sell products, engineers were developing new methods for carpet cleaning. One of Hoover’s most significant inventions was the beater bar. It was introduced in 1926, and today is one of the company’s signature features (1).

The beater bar started as a metal bar that tapped gently into the carpet to loosen the embedded dirt. The bristles would then quickly sweep dirt and dust up, and out, of deep carpets.

In 2007, Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. acquired Hoover from Whirlpool Corporation. TTI was the largest floor care company in Northern America — and adding Hoover only made it grow

Types of Hoover Vacuums

Hoover has a wide selection of vacuums on the market to cater for all needs. The brand offers several lines of different types of vacuums. So let’s take a closer look at the various types:

Upright vacuums are easy to maneuver and come with a wide range of features and attachments. Hoover offers a few different upright vacs. Some are bigger and have more features, while others are light and slim.

One feature that’s common among these, however, is swivel steering. The steering allows you to move smoothly between furniture and around corners.

Some of the vacuums are made explicitly for pet families. These are extra powerful and have large dust bins.

Plus, you can choose between bagged and bagless vacuums depending on your preference.

Cordless Stick Hoover Vacuums

Cordless vacuums are an excellent choice for homeowners who feel restricted by a cord. These lightweight, cordless vacs from Hoover could be the perfect tool to tackle the stairs step by step.

These vacuums can be used on all types of flooring and feature durable batteries that’ll give you ample time to finish. Many of the models feature Hoover’s WindTunnel Technology, which captures dirt, dust and pet hair with ease.

All of the models include a range of attachments to help you reach difficult areas. Some of the cordless vacuums are super quick to charge so you can get to cleaning faster.

Wet/Dry Hoover Vacuums

Wet and dry vacuums are an excellent way to tackle all kinds of messes. No more crying over spilled milk, because this type of vac will clean it all in one go.

Hoover offers three different wet/dry vacuums at different prices. Each vac comes with various attachments depending on the price.

These vacuums feature powerful suction and a large tank to hold the dirt and grime you’ve cleaned up. They look quite cumbersome but are easy to tow around where needed. Plus, you can move around without being limited by a cord.

What’s more, they’re powered by a lithium-ion battery, which oozes efficiency

Handheld Hoover Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are great at tackling small areas such as the couch, stairs and even the car.

Hoover’s handheld vac features the OnePWR system — a durable battery with extended runtime and quick charge.

The handheld models are light and comfortable to hold. Some models also feature multi-cyclonic technology and LED headlights

The Best Hoover Vacuum Reviews of 2021

Finding the best Hoover vacuums wasn’t easy. But, after some expert advice and researching reviews from real customers, we’ve curated the list below.

1. Hoover OnePWR Wet/Dry Vacuum

This utility vacuum is a great option for homeowners who need to clean up outside. It can easily tackle any mess there might be such as wet leaves and soil.

Mobility is also a bonus here. You can take the vac anywhere you’d like, thanks to the lithium-ion battery. The four wheels keep the vacuum stable, with the front and back wheels having 360-degree mobility.

The vacuum also comes with several attachments to suit the task ahead. And, you can store all tools

Why We Love It

Strong Suction

Being able to tackle any cleaning task with a vacuum can make it much more manageable. Most people dread tidying garages, but with a vacuum such as this, the job is a little easier.

You can quickly remove soil, wet leaves, soapy water and any other challenging mess with this model.

6-Gallon Capacity

Wet/dry vacuums are often limited by their capacity. However, this vac can hold up to 6 gallons of dry and wet mess. It’s also easy to empty since you can remove the top and quickly dump the contents in the garbage.


With four wheels, this vac is standing solid no matter how full it becomes.

The two large treaded wheels in the middle provide stability. On the other hand, the two smaller front and back wheels provide mobility. As you turn the vacuum, the wheels will quickly react to your motion.

Multiple Tools

You get everything you need to tackle the task ahead. The vacuum is equipped with its toolkit, including an extension wand, hose, utility nozzle and crevice tool.

All of the tools can be stored on the vacuum. This makes storage much easier as well since you won’t have to worry about losing parts.

OnePWR Battery

Hoover’s OnePWR technology enables you to remove and recharge the battery easily. It also gives you a longer runtime, and the battery is compatible with all OnePWR products.

Keep In Mind


The noise level is quite loud for such a small device — some customers found it to be too loud. This is understandable, though. A vacuum needs to be incredibly powerful to clean up wet spills as well as the usual indoor grime.

2. Hoover OnePWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Having a handheld vacuum to whip out quickly when needed can be a life-saver for busy parents. This handheld vac is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gives you a long runtime.

It has a clear, plastic front and container, which enables you to see exactly what’s going on inside.

The compact design is comfortable to hold and even easier to store. It’s ready to go when you need it, thanks to the OnePWR battery.

There’s a built-in crevice tool that can be pulled out whenever needed. The filter is removable and can easily be changed to improve performance.

Why We Love It


The handheld vac can be used anywhere needed. Thanks to the battery, it can even be used in the car.

The strong suction will quickly get rid of dust, dirt and pet hair.

Comfortable Handle

Having an ergonomically designed handle means holding this vac for a long time doesn’t cause strain. It enables you to keep the vacuum at a natural angle to avoid sore wrists.

Easy Storage

Because of the compact size, the vacuum can be stored anywhere. The charging station is also small, so it won’t take up much space. Plus, you won’t be dealing with a ton of small attachments that get lost. Just pull the crevice tool out from underneath the vac!

Dual Filtration

The dual filtration removes even the smallest dust particles. It’s easy to maintain and can be removed and washed when needed. When you feel it’s time for a change, the filter can quickly be removed and replaced.

Keep In Mind


Although customers were, overall, very pleased with the performance, some noted that the noise level is quite high.

3. Hoover BH50020 Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

A lightweight stick vacuum can make cleaning much faster and easier. Hoover’s signature, Linx, is an excellent option for smaller homes.

It’s a cordless model that runs on a lithium-ion battery. The slim design allows you to reach more places, especially underneath furniture.

Dust and dirt often accumulate in corners and close to the walls where it’s difficult for vacuums to reach. However, the Linx is fitted with edge brushes that effectivelyYou can also start or stop the vac right from the handle. There’s a small switch you can control using your fingertip. This is a much better feature than some competitors’ models, which have the button further down the unit.

Fade-Free Battery

The fade-free battery will give you a reasonable amount of time to get your cleaning done. Purchase an extra battery to change when the first is low on power. This gives you more freedom as you move from room to room.

There’s also a battery gauge that will tell you how much battery power’s left. This eliminates the unwanted surprise of the vacuum stopping in the middle of a cleaning session.


The Linx is suitable for any flooring, and will easily transition from rugs to hard floors. The WindTunnel technology creates a strong and concentrated suction. So this machine lifts and removes even embedded dirt and dust.

Only Weighs 10 Pounds

Moving around the house is a breeze without the limits of a cord or a heavy canister. Weighing only 10 pounds, this vacuum won’t leave you with a sore back or arms.

Side Bristles

Cleaning baseboards and corners is sometimes close to impossible without awkward movements. But thanks to the side bristles, the Linx can get up close and personal with all edges and baseboards in your home.

Keep In Mind

Long Charge Time

Unfortunately, it takes the Linx a couple of hours to recharge. Many customers said they purchased an extra battery to change when needed.

4. Hoover React QuickLift Deluxe Upright Vacuum

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile vacuum that can handle the whole house, this vac is it. The REACT vacuum has a ton of features to make cleaning a breeze.

You can lift off the canister to vacuum the stairs easily. It also incorporates Hoover’s WindTunnel and FloorSense technologies.

The vacuum features two filters that can be removed and washed when needed. This makes it an excellent choice for families dealing with allergies.

All of the controls are conveniently placed at the top of the handle. So you won’t have to bend to switch it on.

Why We Love It

Sound Technology

The floorhead is equipped with micro-sensors that can detect any change in floor types. It will then automatically adapt itself to the surface.

Hoover has also incorporated its WindTunnel technology for extra power. It channels the powerful suction to remove even the toughest dirt.

Lift-Off Feature

When you need to clean the stairs, a large upright vacuum might not be ideal. However, you can easily lift the canister off of the vacuum and use the flexible hose to clean. It’s light to carry and as powerful as ever.

Simply attach one of the various tools to accommodate the task ahead. The vacuum comes with an extra large crevice tool, turbo tool and a dusting brush for smaller areas.

Traps Allergens

The sealed allergen system will capture and contain up to 99 percent of allergens such as dust mites and hair. Nothing will escape as the system prevents even the tiniest particle from escaping.

Take NoteThis feature could prove essential in homes where parents or children deal with allergies or asthma.

Tough on Pet Hair

Pet-families often have to deal with large amounts of hair. This can be uncomfortable and trigger various reactions.

This vacuum has been tested to make sure it picks up as much hair as possible. Many customers mention they purchased this model especially to tackle pet hair.

Easy to Maneuver

Getting around furniture and corners can sometimes be a struggle. But, due to the advanced swivel steering, this vacuum is a breeze to steer around. Just tilt the handle, and the floorhead will follow your movements.

Keep In Mind


Weighing a little over 16 pounds, many customers found it too heavy to carry around.

5. Hoover UH30600 WindTunnel Max Upright Vacuum

Bagged vacuums are the best option for families dealing with allergies and asthma. Once the bag is full, you can remove it and throw it in the garbage without the risk of releasing allergens.

The T-Series features Hoover’s WindTunnel technology, among other smart features that enhance its performance.

This is a versatile model. It’s easy to remove the bag without having to touch or see the contents. Also, you can quickly move between rooms thanks to the extra-long cord.

It also has a HEPA filter to remove and trap even the smallest particles.

Why We Love It

Eliminates Dust

By combining the thorough HEPA filter with WindTunnel technology, this vacuum won’t leave anything behind. The filter will trap up to 99.97 percent of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This makes the T-Series excellent for households with allergies and asthma.


When the bag is full, it’s released using a one-tap bag door. The whole bag will be released straight into the garbage by the click of a button. It won’t release any allergens back into the air, and you won’t have to touch anything.

Long Cord

This cord will give you enough freedom to move between rooms by extending a whopping 30 feet. You won’t have to stop every few feet to change the outlet, so you can get the cleaning done quicker.


Seeing what’s hiding underneath the couch or bed can an insurmountable cleaning challenge. However, thanks to the bright headlights, you can see every little particle of dust and hair.

Keep In Mind

Manual Cord Rewind

30 feet is a lot of cord to rewind manually, and it often ends with tangles. A few customers also thought this was an inconvenience.

About Hoover

Hoover is one of the biggest floor care companies in the world. They’re headquartered in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. The brand manufactures carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners and vacuums, as well as cleaning solutions.

The Verdict

Hoover is a leading brand favored by many homeowners across North America. It’s easy to see why, since the best Hoover vacuums are light, powerful and effective.

The brand doesn’t hold back when it comes to incorporating smart technologies, such as WindTunnel, into its products. It’s easy for anyone to find a suitable vacuum with this brand, whether you have carpets or hard floors.

Have you tried a Hoover vacuum? Share your thoughts about our Hoover vacuum reviews with us in the comments section below.

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